Celebrate in a Winter Wonderland!

Winter brides can incorporate many aspects of the season into their special day. For those loving what winter has to offer, one can take traditional components such as colors, decorations, holiday dishes and tie them together into one magical event. As many winter brides will soon be pulling together those last minute pieces throughout these fall months, we want to offer some suggestions and ideas to consider for your winter theme.

    1. Include holiday shades, such as ruby, emerald, silver and gold within your wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, and floral arrangements and bouquets.
    2. You can choose vibrant colored pieces of jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings or brooches.
    3. With the chilly temps of the season, you may opt for your bridesmaids to wear shrugs and shawls which could become a pop of color.
    4. For your flowers, you can work red roses, white lilies, as well as baby’s breath or green pine leaves.
    5. Pick a venue where the room offers large windows overlooking snowy landscapes. There’s nothing more breathtaking than the glisten of snow on tree branches and shrubs.
    6. Also, the warmth of a fireplace can be inviting and provides the perfect cozy touch. Along with the cozy feel of a roaring fire, serve your guests warm cups of cider or hot cocoa and perhaps eggnog as traditional signature staples for the winter months.
    7. Winter is a beautiful time of year and with a bit of creativity, bringing all the elements together can make for a remarkable winter wedding fairytale!