Is it just us or does Lauren Bush’s husband look eerily similar to Jerry Seinfeld?

We just noticed this picture while reading up on the latest celebrity wedding news and at first glimpse thought Lauren Bush marrying Jerry Seinfeld. What do you think?


Lauren Bush is a niece of former president George W. Bush and her soon to be husband, David Lauren is the son of fashion icon Ralph Lauren. Sounds like a match made in celebrity heaven, although she may want to consider keeping her last name…something about Lauren Lauren doesn’t sound right. According to People magazine they’re planning an elegant black tie western theme wedding for their wedding in Colorado.

Western themed weddings seem to be gaining in popularity. This could be a good time to bring back some western theme wedding favors…you could repurpose these cowboy boot birthday mint tins though.

Kate Middleton Maintains Her Post Wedding Figure with the Help of the Dukan Diet

All brides struggle with the challenge of maintaining their pre-wedding figure and the new Duchess of Cambridge is no exception. In fact she has apparently remained committed to the same diet plan. It’s called the Dukan diet.

The Dukan diet, which is very popular in Europe and especially France, is somewhat similar to the Atkins diet and was created by a French nutritionist named Pierre Dukan. Far from being the latest diet to hit the market it was actually created decades ago. It’ sure to gain popularity because its not as hard to follow as many other diet plans in that there is no calorie counting involved and is based on a generous list of one hundred foods. If you’re interested in learning more about it a simple Google search on “Dukan diet” would be a great starting point as the are tons of resources available online about it.

The original book by Pierre Dukan is called “The Dukan Diet”. It has been translated to 14 languages and can be purchased just about anywhere books are sold. We’re sure it will be the next big thing with the stamp of approval it has received from some of the most well known international celebrities. Besides Kate Middleton, some other fans include J-LO and supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Now if we could only get them to promote our wedding favors…; )

Kim Kardashian Throws Top 3 Tiers of Wedding Cake in the Garbage!

Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress 2011

Kim Kardashian in Her Wedding Dress – 2011

Kim Kardashian recently tossed the top three tiers of her cake right into the trash.

Most couples keep the top tiers of their cake for a later celebration or to eat at home at the very least but the last thing most couples would think to do is throw them away!

This is especially shocking because their cake wasn’t your average everyday wedding cake. This was a $20,000 designer cake!

According to the cleaning crew the top tiers were tossed in with regular trash by Kim and Chris Humphries without any regard for the sentimental value they represented.


What will you do with the top tiers of your cake?



Now if we were talking about wedding candles designed like a wedding cake we could see eventually throwing them away but your actual wedding cake??

Damask Pattern Wedding Cake Candle

Damask Pattern Wedding Cake Candle

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Our customer service rocks!

Hot off the presses!! Our customer service team has been working harder than ever to make sure our customer service remains second to none, so it’s o surprise that their hard work is being recognized. We’ve got a couple of exciting announcements…

FavorWarehouse has just been awarded the STELLAService™ Excellent seal!

This is one of the most important achievements a business can accomplish and thanks to the hard work and dedication of our talented customer service specialists we’ve just been awarded our seal. What makes this so important is the fact that STELLAService™ is unique among customer service ratings firms. Unlike other ratings organizations they actually spend a significant amount of time and resources on researching and interacting with the companies they rate.


The rating process is completely unannounced which means you don’t have any warning that they’re about to test you. We love the idea because we know our customer service specialists are always at the top of their game. We actually welcome the unannounced tests STELLAService™ provides because it keeps us on our toes and ensures that only the best-of-the-best of our competitors will join our ranks.

Another reason we love STELLAService™? You can’t influence their decisions by being a member. Their seal is completely free which is one of the many things that sets them apart and we applaud them for that!

If you’d like to read the full press release you can read it here:
Full Press Release

We did say we had two announcements and the second one is just as exciting.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been featured on the homepage as #4 out of 10 of the highest rated stores on their site!

Consumer verified online stores
554 reviews today, 834,053 reviews over 31,357 stores

With stats like that we consider this a great honor and appreciate the wonderful (and not so wonderful) reviews provided by our valued customers. #4 out of 31,357 stores is quite an achievement. Congratulations customer service team. You really are the best!

Calling all wedding blogs!

Calling all wedding blogs!


We’ve been reading some great wedding blog posts lately and are hard at work on keeping ours full of fun, fresh content too. Let’s help each other spread the word and trade an interesting feature article!

If you have an article, post or product review that you think would be interesting to our readers contact us and we’ll check it out. We’re sure you’ve got some unique ideas or products our readers will be interested in learning more about and we have our own to share. Let’s help each other gain some new fans.

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Personalized Maple Syrup

The Fall season is almost upon us and Fall Themed Wedding celebrations are in full swing. We’ve just added the perfect favor for your Fall wedding. Nothing says fall quite as well as maple syrup and the best way to celebrate a Fall wedding is to make every aspect of your special day match the beauty of the turning Autumn leaves. These personalized bottles of maple syrup are the perfect way to do that.


It’s a personalized favor that is designed to perfectly compliment the theme and color palette of a Fall event and is sure to please your attendees as it contains 100% pure USDA maple syrup made in the USA.

Have a look at these great personalization options!


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New additions to Clearance Specials!

We’ve just added several new products to our clearance section to make room for some new and exciting fall wedding favors.

There are so many reasons to purchase a clearance product from our site. All of the items we add to the clearance section are brand new and excellent quality products. In fact, most of them used to be featured products in various other categories on our site and all of them used to sell for a lot more money. Many of our newest clearance additions have prices that have been reduced by more than 50%!

A great example is this cute fairytale theme wedding candle favor.

This candle used to sell for $1.59 and used to be the biggest seller in our fairytale theme section. Are you having a fairy tale theme wedding?

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Our latest wedding article

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